Monday, October 25, 2010

November 2010 Menu

Wednesday, November 3rd, 9 AM.

Caribbean Jerk Marinade
Cheeseburger Quiche
French Toast
Garlic Bread
Italian Citrus Marinade
Turkey & Artichoke Shells

You will need to bring a baking dish or sheet pan to take home your shells. We have found it works well to flash freeze the shells, not touching, before transferring to a freezer bag for longer storage. Then you can take out exactly what you need. Or if you know you will be making them for a large group, go ahead and freeze them all together in the baking dish you will be using.

Please bring any cooling racks (stacking preferred) to allow the French toast to cool. If anyone has a griddle they can bring, it will go twice as fast. Tristy used to bring our second griddle bringer. =-(

You may want to bring a cookie sheet or two to take home your french toast. If they're too warm when they go in freezer bags, you really have to pry them apart once they're frozen!

Jen has volunteered to do the shopping again this month.

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