Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 2010 Swap

We met this morning to swap our foods. Our total for our June menu items was $107.64 which came to just $26.91 each.

Let's see what that $26.91 got us:

28 pancakes from Alton Brown's recipe (I made 2 full batches of the dry mix which meant 6 times the "wet" ingredients)
1 Creamy Baked Pasta casserole (will serve my small family at least 3 meals, or great to take to a pot luck)
24-48 (depends on your will-power!) servings Peanut Butter Bars
8 Parmesan Chicken breasts
1 Monica's BBQ marinade
1 Caribbean Jerk marinade
1 Polynesian marinade
2 bags Lemonade Chicken marinade

Sorry, no pictures. You'll just have to imagine us all in the parking lot of the local park, trunks open, transporting food to and fro. It was kind of like trick-or-treating for busy moms!

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