Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm back....sort of

It's official. I'm completely out of freezer meals that I had tucked away before my baby was born. It has been so wonderful not to have to worry on the days I really didn't feel like cooking or the days when the baby wouldn't let me.

I'm not feeling quite up to getting back into the regular routine. It's actually quite a bit of work to get ready for a cooking day. Plus, my new baby girl is only 4 months and, although we are working on it, she's not a consistently reliable napper. I would feel horrible if I spent all of cooking day nursing and entertaining a crabby baby.

And yet, I really miss having my freezer meals! So I'm just going to fit in bits of freezer cooking here and there. Since it's just me, there's no problem pushing back my cooking a few hours or a day if the baby is having a particularly bad day.

This week, I bought 10 pounds of potatoes and a couple packages of fresh chicken breasts. Yesterday I mashed up about 8 pounds of the taters (it was all that would fit into my biggest pot!) and I made a batch of Parmesan chicken breasts.


I used the Parmesan chicken breasts just like chicken tenders and served them for dinner along with some of the mashed potatoes and some gravy I whipped up.

And now I have a litle bit of a start on re-stocking my freezer.

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And a bonus baby picture because who doesn't love a cute baby?
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  1. I miss cooking with you (but totally understand that you need to wait!)


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