Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Cooking Session--WI

You may or may not know that our Wisconsin group has open membership, meaning that anyone can opt-in or opt-out of cooking each month. With the new year being such a busy time for two of our members, this was our first month cooking with "guests". Danielle and Annette, ladies from my MOMS Club, joined Christina and I in cooking this month.

We did AWESOME on price , coming in at an astounding $27.27 for 5 meals. Our secret: Piggly Wiggly offered family-size boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.99 per pound! So, each of us will go home with 8 Parmesan Chicken Breasts, one recipe of Lemonade Chicken (with 1 .5 pounds of chicken), a loaf of French Toast, a casserole dish of Creamy Pasta Bake, and a Bacon Swiss Meatloaf. In the past, we have made the Lemonade Chicken "marinade" and opted to buy our own chicken when it was on sale. With the sale price of chicken, we get to have a complete re-heat and eat meal...YAY US!

Next month we will be making a Hash Brown Bake (exact recipe yet to be determined), a Taco Bake, Dr. Pepper Spaghetti, a Beef Barbacoa recipe that is supposed to taste like the Beef Barbacoa used at Chipotle (I'll let you know after I taste it if it is comparable), and Monica's BBQ Chicken. We will be cooking on Feb. 5th at 10am. See you then!

p.s. I didn't remember to take any pictures this month, but since every recipe has been done before I guess it is no big deal!!!

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