Thursday, January 27, 2011

IL January 2011 Cooking Day

We had a fabulous cooking day yesterday!

We made (per family) 1 Busy Day Meatloaf, 26 Meatballs, 19 Pancakes (about half with blueberries), and 9 Parmesan Chicken Breasts. At a cost of $20.47.

Basic Meatballs 1
Making Meatballs

Basic Meatballs 2
Meatball soldiers all lined up

Paremsan Chicken
Parmesan Chicken Breasts ready for flash freezing

Jodi's Meatloaf
Stirring up meatloaf

The pancakes took the longest to make since we were only working with one griddle (and because the recipe made almost double what I though it would!). In fact, everything else was done a good half hour before the pancakes were finished. But that was OK, because it left time for the chicken and meatballs to get a head start on flash freezing.

It was a good month to flash freeze, too! (Sorry, I'm just so excited about this!) I got a new, bigger freezer last week. And since the temp here in Northern Illinois is below freezing, I just unplugged the old freezer, but didn't move anything out of it yet (it's in my garage). Just look at all that real estate for trays of chicken and meatballs!

We have decided on our next cooking day and menu which will be posted soon so keep watching!

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