Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meet the IL team


The Illinois chapter is the original MMA group that started it all. We've gone through several membership changes but here are our current members:

Lisa is a 31-year-old stay-at-home mom to her 3 year old son. She's been married for six years and she and her husband will be adding to their family this spring! Once the kids are in school, she plans to go back to school herself. She's still not sure what she wants to do when she grows up. She has a B.S. in psychology so maybe something related to that.

Jodi is 39 years old with a nearly 13 year old son and 7 year old daughter. She has been married 16 years to Eric. Jodi has a BS in Marketing and used to work in Human Resources for 10 years. She doesn't miss it at all anymore and loves being a stay at home mom. Jodi volunteers at the schools and church and recently started a Brownie Troop.

Laryssa is a 34 year old stay-at-home mom with a fantastic four year old son and a one year old son. She has been married for ten years. She enjoys staying at home and pursuing various interests.

Jen is a 28 year old mom working part-time as a Critical Care Nurse. She has 2 little princesses who are three and one. She has been married for 5 years. She enjoys playing with her kids and traveling.

Have you met the WI chapter?


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