Wednesday, October 28, 2009


One of the categories you can search in this blog is Favorites. But what is a Meals Made Ahead favorite?

With four or five families eating each recipe, you can imagine that not every meal will go over well in each household. When we try a new recipe, which is often, we report back whether our family liked the meal. Sometimes a whole family likes a meal, sometimes it's just one our two in the family.

When all the families liked a recipe enough that we decide to make it again in our cooking group, that meal becomes a Favorite.

I recently went through and updated all the labels (through October 2009) so that any meal we've made again is now a Favorite. Any recipe we haven't made is labeled with Let's Try It. If we've made it once and at least one family has enjoyed it, it's labeled tried it and liked it.

I'm still not sure what to do with those recipes that we tried and all hated! We did have one of those a long time ago before I started the blog and, for obvious reasons, I never put the recipe up here. It was called Crowd Pleaser Casserole and it please no one!

We have 11 favorites so far. Check them all out here: Favorites. You can also choose favorites from the drop down catergory menu on the right side bar at any time.

When we try a new recipe, it sometimes takes me a while to go back and change it from let's try it to tried it and liked it, but as of today, they're accurate.

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