Saturday, August 8, 2009

August Cooking Day and Menu

Ladies- it's time to get back into the swing of things. School is starting soon and we'll need some good meals in our freezer for those crazy fall schedules!

We will be cooking on Tuesday, August 25th at 9 am at Lisa's house.

Swiss & Bacon Meatloaf, doubled per family
French Toast Casserole, substituting strawberries for the blueberries
Buttermilk Herb Chicken Breasts- if chicken is not on sale when we do the shopping, we will just make the marinade
Bangkok Chicken- can be split into two casseroles for smaller families
Turkey Stuffed Shells- unless we feel we're taking on too much, then we'll skip this one.

We have a couple new members to welcome to our group!

Debbie will be joining us for cooking this month. If she wants to stick with us, we'll add her bio to the sidebar with the rest.

And Tristy's third daughter arrived at the end of July. Welcome to the world little girl! Amazingly, Tristy thinks she will feel up to cooking with us in August. It will be fun having a tiny one around again.

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