Thursday, April 14, 2011

WI April Cooking Day


Well, April was a flop! There were only going to be 3 of us cooking this, Danielle (a sub), and Christina, my very pregnant sister-in-law. Mischa and I came down with a nasty flu the week before cooking and Christina called the night before to tell me that she could no longer move or stand comfortably. So, freezer co-op was cancelled on the 9th. But, since I had all of the groceries purchased already, I just made all 6 meals, for all three of us on my own.

Other news: Because my husband is tired of seeing all of "Do Not Eat--Freezer Co-op" stickers in our fridge (which were made for HIS convenience, I will just add) and to give Christina a chance to recoup after birthing baby #4, we will be taking a break for a month or two.

Below are some pictures of the new recipes we tried this month. I forgot to take pictures of the beef stroganoff & I will try to remember to take them before we eat it for dinner tonight.

Until next time...


Ham & Cheese Muffins (super yummy, by the way!)

Freezer Quesadillas


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  1. Oh Tristy. I feel so bad for you having to do all that cooking on your own. I hope you at least charged a convenience fee!!


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