Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Giveaway...2 days left

2 days left for the giveaway. Enter here.

I believe the issue with comments has been resolved. Yipee!

There are still issues with posting comments. I've tried a couple things to fix it, but as I am not personally having problems on either of the computers I use, I'm having a hard time diagnosing the problem.

While it is not ideal, it appears comments can be left anonymously. However, it is very important that you leave contact information if you do it that way. YOU CANNOT WIN IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS or at very least you will have to leave your name and then check back on Friday and contact me if you are the winner.

Believe me, I am incredibly frustrated by this. It looks like this will be the end of giveaways. But I hope I can get comments straightened out so we can continue leaving feedback on our recipes!


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