Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beef Barbacoa Update

Okay, so I was very excited to try this recipe for WI upcoming Feb. swap. I found the roast on sale this week, so I went ahead and made it yesterday. I had a taste & found that it does indeed taste very, very close to the divine Barbacoa served at Chipotle, so I was pleasantly surprised!

A couple of notes: The roast I got was 11.3 pounds, so just over the portion needed to double the recipe. Subtract about 2 pounds I trimmed in fat and I was left with a little over 9 pounds of meat. I used the upper limit of Chipotle Peppers in the recipe--in this instance, I used 8 peppers. I LOVED it the way it is, but if you prefer something a little less spicy, OR if you go with the lower pound roast recommendation, definitely reduce the number of peppers.

Notes on ingredients: I did not have any luck finding canned chipotle peppers that were not already in Adobo sauce, so I just picked the peppers out & threw out the sauce. None of the regular grocery stores I visited carried them, so I ended up going to a Mexican Grocery and paid $3.99 for a larger can of them (the remainder not used are in my freezer--we'll see if they keep!). Later in the week I found smaller cans at Wal-Mart for $1.19, so check Wal-Mart first!!! Also, Mexican Oregano is very, very hard to find. You can order it online, but you will pay about $3 for the spice & $8 for shipping. After a little research I found several sources that suggested that there is not so much of a difference that you can't just use regular Mediterranean Oregano, especially if using in a quantity of 2 tsp. or less. So, long story short, I used regular oregano & it turned out perfectly!

The only regret I have is not thinking ahead when our Piggly Wiggle had 50% off McCormick spices & buying the cloves then. It about killed me to pay $8.98 for a bottle of cloves, but alas I did it anyway!

Here are some pictures of the process. I am kicking myself for not remembering to take pictures of the cumin seeds & cloves toasting, but maybe next time!

IMHO, this recipe is a keeper!

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