Sunday, November 21, 2010

WI 1st cooking day

So, our first cooking day was a success! Things ran smoothly, no ingredients were forgotten, everyone was on time, we were way under budget and the children behaved...who could ask for more??? We made Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Enchelada's, Wheat Pancakes, and Italian Citrus Marinade. Even after having to buy a bunch of stock ingredients, all of our zip locks, plastic wraps, etc., our total per person came to $27.72. I took a few pictures, however, as I have said before, I am no Lisa, so they aren't artistic! Our next cooking date is Saturday, Dec. 11th at 10am and we will be making homemade Alfredo sauce, Meatballs (using 1/2 turkey, 1/2 ground beef), Chicken Pot Pies, and Beef Stew. Until next time...

Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie again

Shepherd's Pie again

Enchelada Sauce

Enchelada Sauce


Enchelada's packaged

Jackie, Christina & Mary cooking!

Jackie, Christina & Mary cooking


Pancake station

Our first spoils!

Our spoils: One baking dish of Shepherd's Pie, Two bags of Italian Citrus Marinade, Chicken Encheladas to fill a 9x13 pan, and 17 thich, Wheat Pancakes. (And a picture of Hala eating said pancakes. Anyone from my IL cooking days will remember that my kids would BEG to eat some pancakes as soon as they were done cooking!)

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  1. Great work Tristy! I'm sad that this is the first I've "seen" of your new home. But I love that Hala made it into the photo, eating her pancakes.


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