Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another successful cooking day

We had another great cooking day today!

For $18.82 a person we each took home 4 chicken marinades (two Monica's BBQ and two Lemonade), a pan of 9 burritos + extra filling to make more, filling to make at least one recipe worth of cabbage rolls and 2 loaves worth of French toast. Plus we decided on our date and menu for June. All in about 3 hours.

A couple of notes. The Black Bean burritos look and smell amazing! We had extra filling left over (enough for at least 10+ burritos). But maybe we didn't fill them full enough- we didn't want them to get too messy when rolling them up. Also that recipe took a long time! If we do it again, we might have to have someone make the filling and do all the simmering (almost an hour of just simmering) ahead of time. It's quite a bit of prep to get it to the simmering point, though (lots to chop and lots of cans to open!). We will think about it.

I forgot all about taking pictures until the very end of the day. I wish I had a picture of all that French toast piled up on the table cooling! Here are a couple shots of us filling the burritos. I will try to take pictures of the dishes as I cook them up for my family.

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