Thursday, April 2, 2009

May Menu

Our next cooking day will be at my house again on Tuesday, May 5th at 9 AM. Tristy volunteered to do the grocery shopping this time. Please get $30 to Tristy when convenient.

Our menu is:

Cabbage Rolls: We will be making the meat filling which freezes well. You will also be provided with the sauce ingredients (cans) to mix up yourself. You will need to buy your own cabbage when you're ready to make them as the cabbage wouldn't freeze well.

French Toast: Tristy now has her own griddle so along with mine, we can have two griddles going and be done in no time. We decided to do two loaves of bread per person. We will need to figure out how many eggs we will need to buy!

Monica's BBQ Chicken: We're going to make just make the sauce to freeze and people can add it to their own chicken to keep costs down. If fresh chicken is on sale the week we need, we will go ahead and purchase it as well.

Lemonade Chicken: Same as with the Monica's BBQ- we'll make just the sauce unless we can get the chicken at a good price. Lisa and Tristy agreed that it makes enough sauce for double the amount of chicken.

Black Bean Burritos: This is a new one for us. We can't wait to see how it turns out!

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